Game Club
  • During lunch in C211
  • An assortment of board games for students and staff to join in
Table Tennis Club - Mr. Biegel in the Dance Theatre
  • ​Everyone is welcome
  • Meet Thursdays at lunch
Spoken Word Poetry Club - Mrs. Wieler in C113
  • Meet after school every Thursday to hone our poetic craft, share our work, and practice performance techniques
  • Goal is to attend HULLABALOO in Vancouver
  • This is the club for you if you have a passion for writing poems, for performance, for words, for editing, or you are simply a fan of Spoken Word poetry
Science Club - Mr. Bernard in C218
  • Youth-driven Club that welcomes students interested in the STEM field.
  • Compete in science contests hosted by many renowned universities and explore science outside of a classroom setting
  • Hands-on experience in the Sciences
Intramurals - Mrs. Fitzsimmons in the gym
  • Various sports
  • Create your own team with your friends
Chess Club - Mr. Margison in C115
  • Meets everyday at lunch
  • Want to learn how to play chess or even if you already know how and enjoy playing
  • Play against other students and challenge yourself to solve various Mate in 1, Mate in 2, and Mate in 3 puzzles
  • Tournament planned for November
Math Club - Mr. Chirico in B213
  • Cayley, Fermat, Euclid Contests from Waterloo
  • UFV Math Contest
GSA Club - Mrs. Klassen in C123  (SSSGSA Blogspot)
  • Meet Wednesdays at lunch and everyone welcome
  • Goal is to provide students across the gender and sexuality spectrum a safe place within the school community for socializing and support.
  • Committed to acceptance and fair treatment of all youth
Bible Club - Mr. Biegel in B121
  • Meet Tuesdays at lunch
  • Bible Study
  • Student prayer group
Community Club - Mr. Massie in Room C127
  • Meet Mondays at lunch
  • Projects to help the local and global community
  • Halloween 4 Hunger
  • Various volunteering opportunities
Ecomaniacs Club - Mrs. Toth in C215
  • Meet Wednesdays at lunch
  • Pygmy Elephant and Spirit Bear adopted by the Ecomaniacs Club
  • Focuses on saving the environment
  • Composting program
  • River clean-ups
  • Bottle drives
  • Various fundraisers
Be the Change Committee - Ms. Irani in B120
  • Meet Tuesdays at lunch
  • Annual Child and Youth Mental Health Awareness Day
  • Breakfast Club (food program)
  • Project Fairy Godmother
  • School supply drives
  • Helps students in our own school
Sewing Club - Mrs. Geck in E107
  • Meet Thursdays after school
  • Learn how to sew
  • Learn about fashion design
  • Create your own clothes, bags, etc
  • Get help with your sewing projects from class