College Bound Student Athletes

Your years as a student-athlete in college or university will be preparation for life. Combining education and athletics is both an empowering and fantastic experience, and results in lifelong friendships, great memories and excellent career opportunities.  

Obtaining your post-secondary credentials are absolutely crucial to your future. Many of you have the dream of being recruited to the professional leagues, and although this will be realized by some of you, the reality for many is unlikely.  So wise student-athletes makes sure that a viable Plan B is in place. There are many, many sports related careers: physiotherapy; sports broadcasting; managers; agents; coaching; photojournalism; teaching; sports medicine; recreation; adventure tourism; scouting; etc.  

Wouldn't it be exceptionally fantastic if you could obtain scholarships to finance your way through college/university?  This may mean that you need to market yourself, which will require you to develop a marketing plan.   An athlete that is known to post-secondary coaches has an advantage - how can they be interested in you if they don't know you exist?

Ross Beebe, Education Advisor to the BCHL, has developed a resource for the college-bound student athlete.  Ross has done many presentations around the province at sports development camps and has been a presenter at Sardis Secondary's Careers: Choose BC Day (held annually in September). Ross also presents at Sardis Sports Academies.  His presentation includes information about both Canadian (CIS) and US (NCAA) Athletic Association requirements, as well as what every prospective student-athlete, and his/her parent, needs to know. Ross's "College Networker" package includes the following components:

  1. Marketing Strategies 
  2. NCAA Eligibility: Division I, II and III 
  3. The SAT
  4. Letter of Introduction
  5. Your resume
  6. References: & Your Coach
  7. Academic report card and transcripts
  8. Making a Video or DVD & YouTube


For questions, Ross can be reached at  


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Important Canadian Links:

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