External Awards

Note: These scholarships are decided upon by donors outside the school.

Due – Feb 28th (Lunch)

(Hand in Room E107)


1. External Standard List “School Mails” (see PDF below): complete Scholarship Application Form (see Word document below), which includes: Career Statement, Scholarship Activities Resume, Student References Letters, Expense Budget, and TVR (stapled together) and we’ll submit it to the organizations for you.

2. External Specific Application “School Mails” (see PDF below): complete the organization’s specific application form (stapled together) and we’ll submit it to the organization for you.

3. A. External Specific Application “Student Mails In”: note particular dates or see website and mail on your own, (please note differing deadline dates). Mail this package on your own with the exception of the External Specifics that have a Feb. 28th deadline date.

3. B.External Specific “Student Mail In”: not all are listed above, for a complete list students can register at www.studentscholarships.org



STEP 1: Review all All Externals List (see PDF below) and take note of all Scholarships/Bursaries that you want to apply for.

STEP 2: Determine whether or not the scholarships you are applying for requires a Scholarship Application Form (see Word document below) or has its own Specific Application Form.

STEP 3: Prepare your Application Packages and make appropriate photocopies

STEP 4: For all External Standard Applications attach the following documents:

Scholarship Application Form (which includes: Career Statement (future goals and career objectives) and Scholarship Activities Resume) Student Reference Letters (3 suggested, 2 minimum). (Keep the originals and submit photocopies.
Budget  (See below)
A copy of your DVR and Current Report Card

STEP 5: Organize each External Scholarship Application Package (Standard and Specific).

STEP 6: On top of your pile of Alphabetically sorted packages attach an External Checklist Sheet (see PDF below)

Note: for Student Mail In Applications- Mail directly to donor to meet the Deadline Date.

Note: External Donor applications may be outdated, however the applications are still valid.

Downloadable Files: