Getting Started

Website will be updated after November 16, 2016 DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY FORMS OR RELY ON INFORMATION UNTIL THEN


1. Open the relevant PDF files found on the “Internal Scholarships” or “External Scholarship” submenu.

2. Copy or print details of Scholarship/Bursaries for which you are eligible.

3. Read the DSA daily (Career Center). Check announcements on MyBluePrint. Take note of new and deleted Scholarship/Bursaries and any changes.

4. Attend first "general scholarship meeting" and at least 2 additional "Internal" and "External" meetings. Dates will be announced and meetings will take place in room B-208.

5. Applying for Scholarship/Bursaries takes a great deal of time and effort and requires you to assemble an application package of excellent quality.

6. You must have a SIN at the point of application.

7. Attention Grads: Any students who have received External Scholarships, Bursaries, or Awards, which are not listed on the SSS Scholarship website: please pick up a sheet from Career Center. These awards will then be announced at the SSS Awards Evening on June 6th. Download information sheet below.


Downloadable Files: