Internal Awards

Note: These scholarships are decided upon by a group of teachers, counselors and administrators at the school level.

Due – February 14th  at Lunch

(Hand in at the Theater).

STEP 1: Look through the list Internal Scholarships Bursary List Details (see PDF below).

STEP 2: Complete the Checklist Internal Scholarships Bursaries (see PDF below), applying only for those Scholarship/Bursaries for which you meet the criteria.

STEP 3: Complete Scholarship Application Form (see Word document below). Save and complete Word document before printing. Complete documents and checklist and "paper clip" together (no staples).

STEP 4: Submit the following (single sided paper clipped together with a cover page:  ).

  • Checklist Internal Scholarships Bursaries  (see PDF below)
  • Scholarship Application Form (see Word document below) (complete "one" Scholarship Application Form, which includes a Career Statement (future goals and career objectives) and Scholarship Activities Resume
  • Student Reference Letters See link below. (3 suggested, 2 minimum)
  • NO TVR or REPORT CARD needed for Internal package
  • No Budget required

Note: Information on how to complete the Career Statement, Letters of Reference and Resumes can be obtained at meetings or at the Career Centre.

STEP 5: Cover page: "Internal Scholarships" and write First Name, Last Name, Pupil# on cover page.

Downloadable Files: