News 2010-2011

Sardis students harvesting veggies, gaining experience - July 23, 2010 (Chilliwack Progress)
Dedicated students drumming up attention - September 1, 2010 (The Province)
Teens beat to the rhythm at PNE - September 3, 2010 (The Chilliwack Times)
Hockey academy looks for students - September, 2010 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Sardis Drumline rocks PNE - September 3, 2010 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Olympics of the trades industry - January 4, 2011 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Chinese Students Help Sardis Celebrate Lunar New Year - February 4, 2011 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Sardis Student Wins Trip of a Lifetime - February 9, 2011 (
Whiz Kid Wins Prize...and bursary is worth $17,000 - February 11 (The Chilliwack Times)
From the Moche desert to the Amazon jungle - February 14 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Students take action to be the change - February 22 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Sardis student wins local Optimist essay contest - March (The Chilliwack Progress)
Strong Showing at Sardis - April (The Chilliwack Times)
Strong Men - April (The Chilliwack Times)
IT Skills put to the test - April 29 (The Chilliwack Times)
Boosting science with plants and veggies - May 3 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Students gain lesson on healthy living - May 10 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Still Kicking - May 11 (The Chilliwack Times)
When someone steps up to make a difference - May 24 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Finishing school in spite of the system - May 27 (The Chilliwack Progress)
Work experience made easier - June 23 (The Chilliwack Times)